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HR Happy Hour #93 & #94

Hey there HR Happy Hour fans! We are back again with two episodes full of fun and craziness. I mean, I guess we also talk about serious stuff too but really, amidst all the laughter and conversation you don’t even notice. So grab your favorite drink, sit back, follow along with the #HRHappyHour twitter back channel, and enjoy!

Episode #93
This week we found ourselves talking about Next Gen HR technology and the upcoming IHRIM conference. Discussions about the latest in HR Technology trends? Oh yeah, that hits the Geeky HR spot. We haven’t had one of these shows in a while, better get your fix while you can.

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Episode #94
Speaking of shows we haven’t had in a while, Steve was long, long overdue to have a sports themed show. In fact I’m surprised he was able to hold of for so long. But don’t think that if you are not into sports you should avoid this show, because if there is one thing we do well on this show, it is to take the seemingly unrelated and demonstrate why sometimes when you need inspiration for best HR practices, you need to look outside of HR.

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