… the HR Minion. Because even minions have opinions. And giggles.

If you are going to HREvolution…

… and you haven’t met me before, here is a handy guide on what to expect:

1. Do not run away, my eyes can detect movement.
2. You will be hugged. Come to terms with that now.
3. You will need to take a picture with Gir, my proxy. This has become a tradition and a rite of passage for many.
4. Once it is over, I suggest you join the support group. Sharing your story with others is very healing.
5. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin if you haven’t already. I’ll be sure to do the same. Cause I’m kinda a stalker. In a non-creepy way. At least I hope it’s a non-creepy way.

You have been warned.

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