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HRevolution 3: I need a TARDIS

Whew, HRevolution has come and gone and dudes, I can’t lie to you, I had a blast. In fact, I really wish I had a TARDIS (Especially if it came with a David Tennant shaped Doctor). There was so much going on, so many people I didn’t get a chance to connect with, and so many happy moments that I wouldn’t mind doing again that a blue police box that traveled back in time would be just about perfect right now.

Now, it’s probably going to take me about a week to recover and get caught back up at work, but until I can compose my thoughts into something coherent and meaningful, here are some random thoughts I feel I need to get down before they slip away:

– I know it’s been said before by others, but the event this time really did feel more like a family reunion than a conference. There were hugs, laughter, reminiscing, babies, new friends, and such a great sense of belonging. I don’t know exactly when it happened, by this quirky little HR online community has become a family to me.
– I hugged everyone I could, startled a lot of people with my Gir picture requests, and may have giggled once or twice (or, like all the time)
– There were bacon cupcakes. Hell. Yeah.
James Papiano and Steve Browne are super tall. And also super cool, funny, and great to hang out with.
– Leading a session with Dwane Lay on how to connect in non-creepy ways online was SOOO FUN! Thank you to all who came and for the kind words, I hope you enjoyed it, and big hugs to Joe, Craig, and Eric for letting us crash your sessions with ours! And no worries to those who couldn’t attend, Dwane and I will be doing follow up posts about our session.
– I think I may be getting old cause Saturday night I fell asleep practically right after dinner. The heart was willing to get mixed up in all the shenanigans, but the body was unable to comply.
– Like past years, it was the conversations that really made this unconference worthwhile. The discussions during the sessions, the interactions in the hallways, and shooting the breeze over drinks and dinner. So many smart, fun, and opinionated people make for some lively and thought provoking conversations.
– The trading cards were awesome! I just wish we had more than 50 each cause I ran out.
– I learned that I’m not an “enabler”, I’m an “influencer”. That totally sounds so much better.
Ben Madden is good with the maths. The maths are like totally hard.
– I know there were a ton of people I didn’t get to meet, if you were there and we didn’t get to chat, please reach out so that we can connect now!
– I have no idea why I insist on wearing the cute shoes that hurt my feet. After my session I had to do a quick change into an outfit that allowed me to wear sneakers.
– I think the next HRevolution needs to come with built in nap time and nap rooms. In fact, maybe I should lead a napping session. I will start writing up my proposal now.
– I love how many Women of HR contributors/co-founders were in attendance. It made me happy to see you all there! We totally should have done like a group photo or something. Or maybe just a group hug.
– There were a lot of people who wanted to be at HRevolution but couldn’t be there. Please know that you are loved and were missed!
– Lots of love and hugs to thee organizers of yet another great event! Trish, Ben, Steve, and Crystal, you all rock!

Wow, hope that was sufficiently random for you all. Please look forward to all the pictures I will get posted and even a special HRevolution Carnival of HR to help collect all the great content that will be coming from the event, hosted by Ben Eubanks on May 18th. Stay tuned for more!

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