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Embrace the HR Technology

I get it. You’re an HR Pro. And you know your stuff. You know how to create a handbook, how to manage FMLA and benefits, and hell, you can take on unions with no fear. But your company’s ATS? Those new pre-employment tests your CHRO wants to implement? And now you are tasked with finding something to help with succession planning? Whew, that stuff scares you.

What’s the deal with this proliferation of HR technology? How are you supposed to keep up? I mean, if you were interested in technology you would have gone into IT right? Doesn’t all this technology take away from what HR is really all about?

Well, sorry HR Pro, I hate to break it to you but HR Technology is now an integral part of what you do, every single day. Recruiting, payroll, employee engagement, benefits, succession planning, compliance; It’s all managed by technology. And if your company isn’t doing it yet, you will be. Oh yes, you will be. And I’m not even talking about the monkey wrench in your perfect technology-free HR world that is social media.

So what are you to do? Pretend it doesn’t impact your job? Hire one of those Millenials as your intern so they can manage it for you? NO! Put. The Intern. Down. No, seriously put them down, what’s wrong with you? You are in HR, you should know better.

No, what you need to do is embrace the technology. That’s right, conquer your fears, dig your head out of the sand and actually learn something new! I swear it will be ok. It will be confusing at first, and hard, and you are going to want to throw your hands up in frustration many times but you don’t have to do it alone. But you do have to do it.

Look, there’s this conference coming up on Oct. 3-5, 2011 in Vegas (yeah, that got your attention). It’s the HR Technology Conference and Exposition and I think you, yes you HR Pro, need to be there.

Not only will you have a chance to conquer your fears about technology, you will have the chance to learn about what’s out there, what really works, strategies you could use right away, and great opportunities to expand your HR knowledge. Not to mention all the great networking opportunities with some really cool people.

Trust me, you need this. And better yet, I can get you a discount to get in. Cause I know people. And those people want you to be there too. You can go here for more details and when you rightly decide to sign up, be sure to use code “MOERKE11” to get $500 off your registration. You only have until Sept. 19th to get the discount so you better get cracking.

Go on, embrace the HR technology. You’ll be glad you did.

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