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Sunshine State

Today, in a brief moment when I was able to break away from work for food, I walked outside to dark skies and rain. It’s at times like this that I feel deceived. Sunshine state, huh? Lies, damn lies. It rains ALL the time. Not that I have a problem with rain, but it would be nice if it wasn’t so hot at the same time too.

But this isn’t a weather/bug/Florida rant post, though the bugs alone drive me crazy. Like OCD crazy. Seriously, I can’t stop cleaning, it’s weird. Anyway, in the 6 months or so that I’ve been down here I have come to some interesting conclusions:

1. This state is freaking HUGE. It takes forever to get anywhere. Good thing I’m somewhat in the middle.
2. Orlando may be a tourist town but that also means that everyone seems to come down here for some conference or another. I love getting emails or notes from people who will be in the area and are looking to hang out.
3. Even better than all the cool people who visit, is all the cool people who live here. Have you ever noticed just how MANY awesome HR Peeps down here participate actively in the HR online community? I could probably name off at least a dozen people without even trying. Florida definitely knows how to represent.
4. And best of all, Florida is home to arguably the best SHRM State conference: HR Florida.

Now, last year I may or may not have been involved in some pre-HR Florida shenanigans. And by that I mean yes, I was involved in some shenanigans. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to actually attend the event itself which was disappointing. This year though, I’m going all in. Not only will I be there, I somehow managed to be a presenter too. That’s right, this minion is actually presenting at at SHRM conference. Dude.

But no worries, right up there with me is the Huckleberry to my Finn, Dwane Lay. We’ll be taking our “Connecting in non-creepy ways” presentation to the big show. Oh yeah, it’s on.

So in case you missed us at HREvolution, want to avoid being creepy online, or are just want to attend a session that is different and fun, you have to be there. I promise to make it a sunny and bug free fun time!*

*Note: I cannot actually promise any such thing. But you should come anyway.

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