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In my own backyard

Whew, I am still recovering from the craziness that was HR Florida and I won’t lie to you: I had a blast. It’s so nice having one of the best SHRM state conferences right in your backyard and I’m so lucky to have been a part of it. HR Florida is run completely by volunteers and they do an amazing job! Everyone was nice, helpful, and clearly having a good time in spite of all the hard work they had to do. Big hugs to all involved!

Now, I’m still a little sleepy and trying to compose this on my iPad, typing two fingers at a time, while waiting to get on a plane but I have some highlights from the conference that I had to get down while it’s still relatively fresh in my mind.

– Once again, it is the time I spent connecting with people outside of normal conference hours and activities that end up being the most memorable. If you go to a conference And only attend the sessions, you miss out the value of having so many HR professionals in one spot. Get out of your room, strike up conversations in the hallway or while waiting in line, and attend the meet ups. 
– yes, Tony Hsieh of Zappos bought us shots and yes, I got a picture of him with Gir! Huge thanks to Dwane Lay and John Nykolaiszyn for making that happen!

– As for Tony’s keynote, I think it’s great to see a company live up to its values so well and I wish more companies were brave enough to do the same. Personally though, I can’t get that damn delivering happiness song out of my head “we’re on the happiness bus…yeah”.
– I think I will call the shoes I wore the first day “insanity” because I must be insane to keep wearing them to conferences. I know how much they hurt, but I keep expecting them to get better. Well no more, those went in the dumpster Tuesday. Better get over to Zappos for a new pair.
– Walking through the exhibit hall with Dwane Lay and watching him work his charm on all the vendors was one of the most entertaining experiences I’ve had in a long time. He really knows how to work a room. We even worked out a great routine to pimp out our presentations. A pink feather boa may have been involved as well.
– I was recognized in the exhibit hall by my giggle alone and I was once again told I need an app for it. It is in development my friends, stay tuned for further details.
– I must appauld all the brave souls who woke up early the night after the big party to attend our connecting in non creepy ways session. I hope you got something out of it and I hope Dwane and I entertained you. I love presenting, loved the interaction with the attendees, and could talk about social media for hours.
– Speaking of, I love how prevalent social media was at the event, from boot camps, to panels, to the social media tech team, HR pros are starting to take it seriously and it’s about time. 

All in all, it was a great event, run by dedicated volunteers, where you would be hard pressed to walk away without learning something relevant and immediately actionable to the work you do every day. We should all be so lucky to have that in our own backyard.

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