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Wrong Turns

Do you ever have a day where it feels like it was going bad from the start and that you got stuck in some kind of negative loop that just fed back into itself with more and more suckiness?

I’m sure you have.

You know, when you get up in the morning 20 minutes late because you kept hitting the snooze button so now you don’t have time to eat breakfast so instead you grab a diet coke out of the fridge but as you are trying to lock your door and juggle your laptop at the same time you spill the diet coke all over your pants so you have to go back inside to change and then because you were rushing out the second time you forget the laptop and don’t realize it isn’t in the car with you until you are halfway to the office so you have to turn around but you end up turning around down a one way and briefly get lost in a neighborhood because even though you have lived in the area for months you have never taken the time to drive around and familiarize yourself with the back streets but eventually you do get to the office and open your email to see that your employees have been losing their damn minds so you have to run around putting out fires because why would people be able to act like adults (why is it that you can’t smack people upside the head when they deserve it?) but when you finally have an opportunity to breathe and get some real work done you realize that you have been compiling a report wrong and have to do the whole thing over RIGHT NOW or the world will end (not really) but instead you just kind of sit there and stare at your computer blindly while wishing you were back in bed with something or someone cuddling and eating ice cream while watching bad reality TV because for crying out loud if you don’t do SOMETHING to relive your stress you will start getting heartburn again which will lead to another ulcer (even though the Dr. couldn’t say definitively that it was an ulcer last time) and like hell you will be able to handle that level of pain again especially since you have no more Tylenol 3 at home and then you realize that it is 2 o’clock (when did it get that late?) but you never went to lunch so you hit the vending machine only to learn you are 5 cents short from getting your hand on that kit kat bar even though yoou could desperately use some chocolate right now so instead you run across the busy street avoiding bad drivers in order to get your chocolate fic from the Walgreens only to get back to your desk to pound out that report long into the early evening after most of the staff have already gone home so that by the time you do FINALLY get to leave it’s all you can do to take off your shoes once you get in the door…

(starts gasping for breath) Deep breaths, Deep breaths. Whew. You know, cause everyone has those kind of days, right?

Giggle, no, I am not having a nervous break down and no, you do not need to stage an intervention. Obviously, that was exagerated but sometimes, you just need to rant and get it all out. And if social media and this blog is good for nothing else, it provides me with the creative outlet to channel my energy into positive, happy ways. And if I happen to get you to chuckle a little too, then all the better, right?

Hope you have a great day and avoid all those wrong turns too. Hugs!

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  • 1 Kelly O :

    Totally relate, except you could swap out the laptop for the last-minute diaper change we inevitably do every morning that I’m running three seconds late, and instead of forgetting my laptop, I get to daycare and realize I forgot to get diapers (or wipes or formula, or a spare change of clothes or whatever) and have to go back for it, or go to Wal-Mart because Target doesn’t open until 8…

    The problems may be slightly different, but the mania many days is the same. The best part of one of my recent catastro(expletive) days was forgetting to plug the crock pot in. I put all this stuff in, I turned it on and left, confident even though the day was crazy I would have a nice healthy dinner… right? Yeah, plugging it in is way helpful. In case you’re ever wondering about Best Practices for crock pot use.

  • 2 Shauna :

    Kelly – (taking notes) oh so you plug in the crock pot, hmmm… 🙂 Kids do make the crazy days crazier.