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The Myth of Free Time

How many times do you find yourself at work wishing that you had a couple more hours in the day to get stuff done? Or you look over your to-do list of household chores and wonder how you’ll manage to fit it all in over a weekend, much less relax or have quality family time too. Add in friends, social obligations or even social media, wow. If only you had some more free time, right?

Yeah, free time, how likely are you to get that? Having just moved to a new state, I find myself in possession of this mythological free time. Except that I don’t really. Finding a new job, unpacking, just getting settled in general; it’s funny how that free time somehow disappears. And really, that’s what I want.

Why? Because a lot of free time isn’t a good thing. Sure, we all need time every now and then to relax but if you find yourself with lots of time on your hands then something is wrong. Too much free time means a lack of responsibility, a lack of challenges, or even a lack of opportunities.

Being busy is good because people who are busy are also people who are getting things done. As long as you aren’t being overwhelmed by obligations, you aren’t letting people down, and there is a purpose behind what you are doing, isn’t that something to feel grateful for? Shouldn’t we all be so lucky to be in that kind of position?

Even so, every now and then I may still whine about needing more time, but really, I couldn’t be happier. However, I do wish I had more time to devote to all my social media stuff…

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