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I am writing this post still a little high from the excitement of my first day in a new job. That’s right, this minion is once again gainfully employed! Wohoo! I’m going to be a recruiting/training machine too. Now, good career advice will tell you that you shouldn’t count on a job until you have a physical offer letter in your hand. Me, well, it never feels real to me until I arrive on the first day. Maybe it’s anxiety, but I always worry about what could go wrong in between the offer and start date so I don’t really breathe a sigh of relief until I walk in and they don’t kick me out.

The first day at a new job brings out so many emotions and a fair amount of stress. New jobs are great but that doesn’t mean there might not be a time or two where you have a moment of panic.

But if you end up in a good company and role that is right for you, here are the emotions that should be zipping through you:

1. Excitement. You love the company, the job, your trainer, even the taupe walls. Everything is shiny, new, and it’s the best. first. day. EVER.
2. Overwhelmed. There are so many people to meet, names you have already forgotten, so much information to absorb, and shoot but where was the bathroom again?
3. Determined. You are going to rock this job! You will pick things up fast, impress your boss, and be 100% right from the start.
4. Grateful. You are grateful all that hard work you put into your job search has finally paid off and are thankful you stuck it out and are able to make a good living again.
5. Anxious. What if you don’t like anybody? Worse, what if they don’t like you? Worst of all, what if you let them down?

It’s an emotional roller coaster that’s for sure. But there are some emotions that you shouldn’t be feeling on your first day. If you find yourself confused, angry, defensive, alone, deceived, ignored, or trapped there is something wrong. Like really wrong. Like maybe you need to re-consider the situation you find yourself in kind of wrong. I hope you never find yourself in that kind of situation. This is why a little research (stalking) and honesty with yourself about what you want and need is so critical.

I hope you only find yourself in good situations though, with awesome first days. The right job for you is out there, even if you have to create it yourself. There is a job out there that you will never want to give up, never want to let down, will never make you cry, or hurt you…

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