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Big fun in The Big Easy

One week from now I will be enjoying all the shenanigans that New Orleans has to offer and I can’t wait. I’ve never actually been to New Orleans (driving by doesn’t count) and I already know I’m going to have a good time.

Why? Because I’m going there for the LA State SHRM Conference! Even better, I’m one of the “Official Bloggers” for the event, which of course means I will grossly abuse my access and influence to stir up some trouble. What else am I supposed to do with my Blogger Pass, be professional? Pshaw to that.

I mean, just check out the post I did on why I’m attending; You can’t tell me it isn’t going to be one crazy, fun time. So if you will be there, I look forward to hanging out with you. I will be the giggly one holding a little green proxy named Gir and running around hugging people. And if not, no worries, just follow #LASHRM12 on Twitter for all the latest shenanigans from me and the other attendees and look for my “creative” blog coverage of the event as well.

Maybe this conference I will finally win a Coach bag and become a real adult HR Lady.

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