… the HR Minion. Because even minions have opinions. And giggles.


I have a confession to make: I like living in the country. I used to think that being so far away from a city would be majorly inconvienant. And sometimes it can be. 20-30 minute drive to the nearest Publix and no local Starbucks? Yikes.

But living that close also means not having cows in the field next door. I love cows. If I sit on the back porch I can hear them. Oh, and the chickens. I did mention we have chickens right?

Gir likes the chickens. And I really like living out here.

That’s why I have decided to focus on something new and unexpected. We have a lot of land out here and we need to do something with it. So I am giving up the HR game and starting up a hobby farm. There will be vegetables, and berries, and even some pygmy goats. I totally want some pygmy goats.

But don’t I absolutely love my new job and HR? Well of course I do. And that’s where Gir comes in. Gir will be taking over my HR job and this blog. Sure he’s small, green, and stuffed but he’s my proxy for a reason. And honestly, he probably knows this HR stuff better than I do. I credit him with passing the PHR the first time around. and who better to run things than an actual minion?

So no worries, while I am elbow deep in farming the blog will be in capable, tiny hands.

And just in case you are still confused, just think about what today’s date is and it will all start making sense. I do love living in the country, but I’m not interested in giving up HR. Besides, I’m a much better at helping others who actually know what they are doing than trying it myself.

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