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Bring on the #HREvolution

In about 5 weeks I will find myself in Chicago. I’m not just going for a vacation, though I absolutely love Chicago. I am going to attend one of my favorite HR events: HREvolution.

If you have followed my blog for a while now, you have to know how much I absolutely love HREvolution. I love the interactive unconference style, I love getting to see all my friends and meeting new ones, and I love learning from all the smart conversations. Seriously, how can you not get excited over all of that?

But do you know what the best part is? You can go too! Amazingly, there are still tickets available.

Who do I think should go, well, other than everyone?
* HR Pros at all levels who want to be challenged to think differently.
* Members of the HR Online community, especially those who have been afraid or unsure how to get more involved.
* Anyone already attending HRTech. Dudes, you are already there, what’s another day in Chicago?
* Those of you who want to network and build connections with some great professionals from across the country.

If that doesn’t convince you to go sign up right now, then can I tempt you with some Chicago Deep Dish? Man, I dream about that pizza. Anyway, come October 8th I hope to see you in Chicago, it’s going too be an amazing time!

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