… the HR Minion. Because even minions have opinions. And giggles.

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day everybody, well, to all my US readers anyway. Surely other countries have days where they recognize the hard work and contributions of their workers. If not, we proletarians might have do something about that…

But never mind my subversive tendencies, it comes from being a minion. I hope that today you get a chance to relax, enjoy some sun and warm weather, and maybe spend a few minutes thinking about your workforce.

Your company is made up of it’s people. Whether it’s selling your product, making your product, or even cleaning up the office, everyone makes a contribution to your companies success. Every job adds value.

The other day I saw the truck above on the freeway and no, I wasn’t driving and taking pictures at the same time. I love seeing a company advertise how much they respect and appreciate their workforce. I like to think that this isn’t just a recruiting gimmick; I hope that they treat their employees like their most valuable resource everyday.

So before you dig into your BBQ, take a moment to think about how you can make sure your employees know just how much you value them when you go back to work tomorrow.

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