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A letter to my Future Self

Hi there, umm, me of the future. Wow, that doesn’t sound dorky at all. Let me try again…

Hi Shauna,

If you are reading this it is either 2017 or you have gone back to read some old posts on your blog. Hey, remember when you used to still write a blog? I’m of course assuming that in 5 years you are no longer writing this blog, but hey, what does present me/your past me know? The me of 2007 hadn’t even started writing this blog yet. A lot can change in 5 years.

And that’s why I’m writing you. Now, present me/your past me went through a lot of changes in 5 years and is still trying to recover from the whiplash she got from all the sudden and unplanned life direction changes. While present me/your past me is happy and excited, she is also a little anxious about the future. After all, if the me from 5 years ago couldn’t have predicted half the stuff that went down, the me from right now can’t begin to predict what happens over the next 5.

Who knows what craziness will/has happened? What we will be doing and where we will be living? We may still be in HR or maybe we have started a farm for disadvantaged goats for all I know. Nothing or everything could change.

So first, I just want to say that I hope we are still happy. Whatever else has happened, I hope we remember that pain and drama are only temporary and help us appreciate all the more the good in our lives. I hope we always find something to giggle about, it makes everyone else happy too.

Secondly, I hope we learned to go easier on ourselves. Seriously, we need to let things go. We should still not be beating up on ourselves for past mistakes like that one debate tournament back in high school. Shoot, I just made us think about it again. Damn. Well, I hope you read this and think “What debate tournament am I talking about?”.

And finally, I hope we haven’t stopped saying yes. Yes to making changes, yes to trying something new, and yes to giving something a chance. Bad things will happen, but at least we can say we tried.

That’s all from me/us/you because all this writing in present/past/future tense is driving me crazy. Oh and hey, remember when we couldn’t get enough of this song?

I hope it still makes us giggle.

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  • 1 Your Boss :

    I alays wanted to write a letter to future me. I think there is a site that let’s you do that and you get an email on whatever date you choose. For some reason (that I cannot explain) I am afraid to do that. 🙂 Maybe why day I’ll get the courage to do this.