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Honoring Paul Hebert for #timsackettday

Felicitations everyone on such a happy day! What’s so special about today? Silly, It’s Tim Sackett Day!! Now you may be asking yourself, what is Tim Sackett Day? Why it is a day to celebrate an amazing HR professional who doesn’t get the recognition they truly deserve. You know, just like Tim Sackett. So, let’s start the celebration shall we?


This year, the honor goes to Paul Hebert. Paul is not what you traditionally think of when you think HR Professional. But you should. Paul is the go to guy when it comes to Employee recognition, incentives, and oh I don’t know, general awesomeness. You would be hard pressed to find someone as smart, sharp, good-hearted, and funny. I know that I have always enjoyed my conversations with Paul because he causes me to think about things a little differently each time.

Recently, Paul has been tackling his fight against bladder cancer with bravery, dignity, and yes, a sense of humor that is inspiring. While openly blogging about his journey at his site PeeStrong, Paul is not only bringing awareness to an important issue, I truly believe his candid honesty gives others strength.

For all these reasons and more, I truly feel that Paul deserves all the honor and accolades coming his way today. You can find Paul on Twitter, at his blog Incentive Intelligence, or as a contributor at the Fistful of Talent Blog. I strongly encourage you to check him out and see just why me and a lot of other bloggers today are honoring him.

Lots of hugs and warm wishes Paul, you are the best!

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