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The Epitome of my Career

Well, everyone, it’s finally happened. Without really expecting it I came to the realization that I am finally “All Grown Up” as an HR professional. After 7 long years of working in the trenches, a Master’s degree, and a PHR certification I have finally broken through the “handbag ceiling”.

Why yes, that is a Coach purse.

Why yes, that is a Coach purse.

Like all great HR ladies before me I have finally achieved the dream of HR; owning a Coach purse. I can now proudly walk through the Expo Hall at an HR conference with my head held high. No more desperately entering vendor prize drawings for me, no ma’am, I no longer have to feign interest in services while I oh so casually drop multiple business cards in fish bowls.

But now that I have achieved the epitome of my career as an HR professional, what is there left to work towards? My greatest sense of achievement has quickly been replaced with a great sense of despair. And so with a heavy heart and deep regret that I must announce my resignation from the world of HR. It is clear to me that there are other challenges I must overcome, and other career defining handbags to purchase. It’s going to be hard starting over anew, and my closet certainly doesn’t have the space for more bags, but nothing in life worth having is easy. And if you happen to find this post confusing, just think about the date and everything should become clear.

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  • 1 the HR Cowgirl :

    Love the bag, fantastic. One of the worst things about being a women entering those ‘leave the business card’ competitions, a distinct lack of cute guys to drop my card off to.

  • 2 Shauna :

    The HR Cowgirl – Considering how many women work in HR you would think there would already be more cute men working booths. 🙂