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The HR Tech Conference: It’s about people, not technology


Hey there HR Pro, having a good summer? I know you are neck deep in recruiting, strategic planning, and employee relations work. I get it. With everything HR is expected to take on day in and day out, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details. But before you get absorbed in that compensation audit, I need a few minutes of your time.

You see, I’m a little concerned about you. You are stuck. You stay in your office all day doing the HR equivalent of “making sure the trains run on time”. That’s awesome. But in the process of busting your butt to ensure that things go smoothly, you are ignoring the WHY behind what you do: People. People are what matter and you aren’t doing them any favors by staying stuck in your HR-centric world.

Luckily, I have a suggestion for you: Get out of your office and head over to Las Vegas for the HR Technology Conference. What? An HR Technology Conference? How is that going to help you with people? Simple. The HR Technology Conference isn’t about technology, it’s about people.

Think about it. 6,000 people converged on Chicago for last year’s conference from all around the world and no, they didn’t do it just for the technology. They did it to network, to hang out with friends, to develop their skills as professionals, to expand their world, to stay abreast of changes in the industry, to let their hair down and party with like minded individuals, and to meet the folks behind the HR technology.

HR Technology is not about the technology. It’s about the people. You don’t buy technology from a company, you buy it from a person. It is built and supported by people. And HR Technology isn’t just something fancy you put on a shelf; it’s something you and your employees use Every. Single. Day. So when you take the initiative to keep up on HR trends, develop yourself as a professional, and embrace tools designed to make your work more efficient you not only become a better HR Pro, you enable yourself to focus on what really matters: the people.

Need more proof? This is Bill Kutik:
Bill on Fire Island 2013
Over the last 16 years he has made the HR Technology conference what it is today and he is a pillar of the HR Technology community. And 2013 is his last conference before retirement. So won’t you join him and the thousands of other HR professionals Oct. 6-9th at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas? Let’s all come together and give him one hell of a send off.

I’ll even make it easier for you to attend. Just use the Promo Code MOERKE13 (all caps) when you register online www.HRTechConference.com to get $500 off the rack rate of $1,895. The discount does not expire until the conference ends on Oct. 9. You had to know I was going to hook you up.

So for 3 days do your employees and yourself a favor. Get out of your office and reconnect to what really matters: People.

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  • 1 Bill Kutik :

    So well said as always, Shauna. My bad that people think I am “retiring” completely. Who can afford to do that?

    No, just from the conference after 16 years, but not exiting my home in the HR technology space. I will continue doing the following:

    My monthly column for “Human Resource Executive” on http://www.HREOnline.com. The current one is on Recruiting Tech.

    The Bill Kutik Radio Show. I finally figured out it lacks the coordinated social push that I saw before and after my July appearances on FOT’s The CYA Report, HR Happy Hour and DriveThru HR. If anyone wants to listen to me talk about the conference (why?), pick your favorite program.

    Panels I run at other events, real and online. I hope to hit 100 (since 1995) at Workday’s annual webinar in December. I am an old fart.

    And finally moderating the HR Tech Conference LinkedIn group, my proudest achievement of the last three years. The conference all year long. Only 16,000 members, but engaged and committed.

    Lurking is a great way for your readers to start getting tech savvy. Join from the LinkedIn button on our website link in your blog.

    Thanks again.

  • 2 Shauna :

    Bill – I’m so glad that to hear all that! We’d miss you in the space otherwise. 🙂