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Well, it seems I took a small and unexpected hiatus from blogging in November. What was I doing? Oh, not much, just getting married and going on my honeymoon. No big thing. Silly enough, I actually thought I would be blogging in between getting ready for the wedding or while in Hawaii. Clearly, I underestimated how distracting those sort of things are. Best made plans and all that.


Life’s ironies are frequently like that though, messing with our expectations and plans. It’s especially hard on me at times because I have such a high internal locus of control. Essentially, I feel like I have more control over my life than I really do. But you would think after all the craziness and changes I have had in the last 4 years I would know better.

For example, the new hubby and I have been experiencing more life changes recently than just marriage. This past year Jesse has been working a contract 4 days out of every week up in Kingsport, TN. That is a 5 hour trip, one way. It’s been like we’ve been in a long distance relationship all year again. Not. Fun. But it paid very well and the Birmingham job market hasn’t been very good.

So after trying unsuccessfully to find him a job back home, we finally decided to make the leap and move to Tennessee. After all, we didn’t want to be married and separated. So I turned in a month’s notice at my job and essentially planned on taking the month of November off to focus on the wedding and honeymoon before focusing on the move.

But then Jesse got a job offer in Birmingham. Of course he did. AFTER I quit my job. And did I mention that the Birmingham job market is bad, even (especially) for HR roles too? Oh irony, you are one cold bastard. Fortunately, I am happy to report that I will be starting a new HR job as well! WHEW. It’s a good opportunity with a growing company where I’ll be able to do a lot of employee development. It’s even in a new industry for me which I love.

So yeah, I should know by now that life enjoys messing with all my plans, especially when I’ve spent a lot of time anxiously worrying about them. Now, I may not believe in fate, but I do believe things will work themselves out if I can stay flexible and open to new opportunities. So please join me in celebrating all those happy, crazy, and stressful life changes that the new year is sure to bring as well. Cheers everyone!

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