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6 years

On March 20, 2008 I started my HR Minion Blog. I didn’t know if anyone would ever read or care about what I wrote. I didn’t know how long it would last. But I felt I had something to say about HR and I also wanted to find a way to feel more connected to that great big HR community out there.

Looking back over the years, I can only say how grateful I am for all the wonderful things simply sitting down and put fingers to keys has brought into my life. The friends, the experiences, the love. You never know how pivotal one decision, one action, can be in your life, but truly, blogging has been a major one for me.

Blogging isn’t always easy. Sometimes it gets ignored when life gets in the way, sometimes it’s hard to find things to write about, and a lot of the time I still wonder if anyone at all cares. But in the end I still have something to say about HR. I still feel compelled to write. I still want to participate in the HR community in a meaningful and creative way. And that is why I still blog.


6 years. It’s both such a long and short time for so much to have occurred. But I wouldn’t trade in one minute of it and I don’t regret anything that has come of it. Please know that you my dear first time, one time, or long time readers alike have my deepest appreciation. So for however long this wonderful shared social experiment we call blogging continues, I hope you will continue sharing it with me here on the HR Minion blog. Cheers!

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  • 1 Kyle Jones :


    Congratulations on the 6th anniversary! I’m at 1.5 so I admire your dedication.

    I agree that it is hard work and it is often difficult to find topics; however, you made a very important point in your post. You had something to post and you kept going – regardless if one person read or if one million.

    That is why we do what we do. This platform gives voice to the stories within.

    Thank you for sharing and best wishes on many more blogging anniversaries.

  • 2 Shauna :

    Thanks so much Kyle!!!

  • 3 RMSmithJr.SPHR :


    Congrats on six years. I’ve been dabbling on and off over the years with the final realizatio, I do have something to say. And your voice, heard while not acknowledged, is affirmational.