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Over thinking it

I have a conundrum. I don’t think I want to continue with this blog anymore. (Pause for the collective gasps of horror from my audience). I know, I know.

For the last year or so I have been finding myself less dedicated to this blog. I can continue telling myself that I haven’t been posting on this site regularly in a while because I have been busy. New job/Travel/Puppies/Grown Up responsibilities/etc but that is just an excuse. I have always been busy and made the time before.

I’m not as motivated as I once was. It makes me kind of sad and, a little afraid. If I stop blogging on this site do I lose part of my identity? Am I no longer part of this awesome HR online community that I love? Do I stop being relevant? Or even scarier, do I find out I never was relevant? Will anyone notice or care? Have I gotten everything out of blogging that I ever will? Does it make me a little shallow even thinking that?

I still love HR, I still love social media, and I still love blogging. I still love writing. Writing on this blog has been a much needed creative outlet for me. I’m completely serious when I say my life would not be the same today without this blog. Through this blog I have been exposed to people, ideas, opportunities and a world I would have never experienced otherwise. It led me to my husband. But is that reason enough to keep doing it?


This post has been one huge string of questions. This is what I mean by over thinking it. I’ve been hesitating on making a decision because of insecurity and fear. I can’t see clearly because I am too emotionally invested in this site. This is normally the time when I would ask for reader feedback on what to do but honestly, the only one who can make this decision is me.

So I am going to stop hesitating and punishing myself for not keeping up with this site. Now, this site is not going to disappear; I’ve got too much time and content invested here. And I am, and will remain, the HR Minion, she of the contagious giggles. But going forward the site won’t be updated or active. Don’t you worry though, I still have my fingers in other social media pies so It’s not like I am disappearing.

Instead, I think I want to focus on deepening the relationships this site helped me establish. I have made a lot of friends through this blog and I have been terribly lax about reaching out and having actual conversations, instead of just likes on Facebook. I miss you all and don’t want to keep waiting for the rare occasions when I run into people at conferences.

I guess you could say this HR Minion is taking the show off line…

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  • 1 Alison Green :

    Take a break! You can always come back to it if you find that you’re missing it.

    Blogging sucks when it feels like an obligation, and when it’s causing you guilt for not doing it. Get it out of your head for a few weeks or a month and then see how you feel.

  • 2 Shauna :

    Big hugs and thanks Alison!

  • 3 HRBR :

    Ok, let me finish that thought… Saw a great line recently. It said “Fear is for others.” Way to leap!

  • 4 HRBR :

    Oh, I see my first one–half finished–didn’t go through.

  • 5 Nigel :

    This is my first comment here, though I’ve been following this blog for a while. I just want to say thank you for ask the insights from the HR world! As a tech sort of person, HR and bureaucracy scare me a bit. You’ve put it a bit into human perspective 🙂

    I’m glad you choose a break over more guilt. If you decide to write again, we’ll be here to read 🙂