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Is anyone still out there?

A door creaks open, and a shadowy figure cautiously looks around. Drapes get thrown back to reveal dust motes dancing in the sunlight and cobwebs holding everything together.

“Hello? It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet…”

Ok, enough with the melodrama. I have neither enough Kleenex nor wine cupcakes to handle Adele at her most soulful. Let’s try this again.

Hey there HR blogosphere, how you been doing? I’ve been good; I’ve seen a lot of change since I’ve been on hiatus. I’ve changed jobs, Jesse changed jobs, a neighborhood kitty adopted us and we drove another one to Wisconsin to adopt my sister. We traveled a bit, we loved a lot, I started kickboxing and baking, and my Mother in law was in a bad car accident (she’s getting better, but it was scary). So yeah, it’s been interesting.

We call him Cheeto

We call him Cheeto

But why come back to blogging after such a hiatus now? I’m not even running the Carnival of HR anymore. That was successfully passed on the the amazing Robin Schooling earlier this year and she is already doing such fun things with it. It’s funny, when I stopped blogging I wasn’t sure if I would ever start again. I was tired and stressed. In a way, I almost felt I had gotten everything out of blogging that I was going to get. This blog has lead to many amazing things: Friends, knowledge and experience, travel, support, extra income, creativity, and even love. What more did I want?

But when the opportunity to jump back in presented itself, more on that later, I didn’t hesitate. I think I missed it. I missed the interaction and the creative outlet cranking out a blog post provided. So yeah, here we go again. And if you want someone to blame, it’s totally Ben Eubank’s fault.

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