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Giving Back

One of the things I like seeing in companies is when they put an emphasis on giving back. Charitable giving, donation matching, or paid time off for volunteering; I think they can all be an important aspect of a company’s culture.

I have always been blown away by how generous people can be with their time and money. We all care about the communities we live in and I don’t know anyone whose life has not been touched by some type of charitable organization. From your local humane society, to a disease advocacy group, or even a community garden; helping employees at all levels of your company to find new and different ways to contribute benefits us all.

Today we will be having an event at the office to celebrate Take your Sons & Daughters to Work Day. In addition to having a whole lot of kids running around, we are also using this as an opportunity to help raise awareness and money for a local charity that I love, Hand in Paw.

This is Jed and he is adorable.

This is Jed and he is adorable.

Hand in Paw is a great organization comprised of volunteers and their dogs who provide animal assisted therapy. You can find these adorable and hard working dogs (and owners!) in their distinctive yellow bandannas in hospitals encouraging patients well being, in schools combating bullying and promoting literacy, and even in offices such as ours to help reduce stress. The impact they have on the community is wonderful and my goal is to one day be able to volunteer with my dogs. I would encourage you to donate to Hand in Paw if you are able, and if you are local to Birmingham, check out one of their fundraising events as well. Even if you aren’t local, there are a lot of great charities within your community that could use your support so don’t be shy and give back!

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