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Hiring Differently

This week has been all kinds of hectic and I’m taking a long weekend starting tomorrow so I’m sure you can just imagine how motivated I was to do a blog post today. I’m guessing you’re also tired. We all are. This has kind of been a rough year so far.

So instead of a normal post, I’m going to invite you to stop and take a mental break. Put down that report, grab a cup of coffee and a brownie, and watch a couple of thought provoking TED talks about hiring a little differently. Trust me, your work will still be there when you are done but you should be a bit more refreshed and thinking a little deeper about the important role recruiting can play in a company and society.

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  • 1 Tony Coyle :

    Thanks for the ted links!

    I hadn’t seen the second one before, but it definitely resonates! It talks to (and counters) one of my personal bugbears: Jack Welch’s “Vitality Curve”, otherwise known as stacked ranking, or in more common terms “why the hell is that guy getting all the kudos?”

    A players usually aren’t – they are most often (and obviously so) the privileged few.
    B players are the middle class of the workforce, taken for granted, and expected to “put up and shut up”
    C players are most often challenged by the environment they’re in (work, personal, otherwise) – and usually more in need of counselling, mentoring, and support, and perhaps a job change within the organization, certainly much much more than they need to be fired!

    I loathe stack ranking. It is evil, and the embodiment of a “numbers before people” approach to business.

    I love helping my team members find where they fit – so they can do better, feel better, engage better, and be more fulfilled (just like Dion in the first talk).