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HR’s Favorite Things


2016 is already halfway over and it has been a little rough personally. But professionally, things have been going good. It’s ironic, because last year it was the exact opposite. HR can be a tough profession and when things are going bad, they go real bad. Bad enough to make you question your career choices. That’s why when things are starting to get a little rough, it can help to think about all of those happy moments that HR pros get to experience.

So in the spirit of Steve Browne and to the tune of “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music, here are some of HR’s Favorite Things:

Chocolate on doughnuts and fresh coffee in pots
Informative webinars and funny employment lawyers
Candidates who pass drug and background screenings
These are a few of HR’s favorite things

Coach purses and funny cat videos
Useful ATS systems and clean audits and budgets that are approved
Managers that seek our advice and are grateful for the help
These are a few of HR’s favorite things.

Employees with benefit questions we can answer
Candidates who accept our offers with smiles and delight
Training sessions with engaged attendees
These are a few of HR’s favorite things

When employees complain, when mistakes are made
When the company is put at risk
I simply remember HR’s favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad

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