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“No” is a powerful word. “No” is control. “No” is confrontational and assertive. “No” shuts down discussions and doesn’t leave room for negotiation. “No” can be both rude and empowering. “No Bob, we can’t have a wet T-shirt contest at the company picnic,” seems like a responsible use of the word. versus “No Bob, we […]

Is anyone still out there?

A door creaks open, and a shadowy figure cautiously looks around. Drapes get thrown back to reveal dust motes dancing in the sunlight and cobwebs holding everything together. “Hello? It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet…” Ok, enough with the melodrama. I have neither enough Kleenex nor wine […]

Over thinking it

I have a conundrum. I don’t think I want to continue with this blog anymore. (Pause for the collective gasps of horror from my audience). I know, I know. For the last year or so I have been finding myself less dedicated to this blog. I can continue telling myself that I haven’t been posting […]

Dogs and Advertising

One thing you learn very quickly as a blogger, especially if you ever get to be part of a social media team at a conference or event, is that you quickly start getting pitches from marketers about stuff to talk about on your blog. At first, it can be flattering. People are paying attention to […]

11 Reasons Candidates Don’t Want to Work for You

This past month a great Slideshare was being passed around online, “Congratulations Graduate! Eleven Reasons Why I will Never Hire You” by Mark O’Toole. As an HR pro who’s done her fair share of hiring, I loved it. Sure, none of the information is anything you haven’t heard before but it did a great job […]