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Hiring Differently

This week has been all kinds of hectic and I’m taking a long weekend starting tomorrow so I’m sure you can just imagine how motivated I was to do a blog post today. I’m guessing you’re also tired. We all are. This has kind of been a rough year so far. So instead of a […]

Last Call for all HR Superheroes!

Hey there HR Superheroes. I’m glad I caught before you flew off to put out yet another fire and crush another monster of risk. Did you know that today, yes today, is the last day to sign up for the 2016 AL SHRM STATE CONFERENCE? As an HR superhero, it is very important that you […]

Giving Back

One of the things I like seeing in companies is when they put an emphasis on giving back. Charitable giving, donation matching, or paid time off for volunteering; I think they can all be an important aspect of a company’s culture. I have always been blown away by how generous people can be with their […]

A little more understanding

I’ve had a hard time thinking about what to write lately because I’ve had some deep thoughts on my mind. That’s never a good thing. Especially when these thoughts make me feel both indignant and heartbroken. Blogging has often been an outlet for my emotions, but how do I channel these thoughts into anything coherent […]

10 things every HR Pro needs

It sure is hard out there these days for HR pros. Changing laws, an increasingly diverse workforce, and the sometimes near constant pressure to do more with less. Sure, you love what you do, and you can’t say this isn’t an exciting time to be in HR, but it can be downright exhausting. So it […]