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Special Unicorns

You know who they are. The “special” ones. The people who always insist, whether consciously or not, that regardless of the rules or the process, that they get treated differently. Their situation is different. Their work is more important. They are too critical to the companies success. They even may be right. And that’s what […]

Calling all HR Superheroes!

When it comes to attending conferences, HR professionals these days don’t suffer from a lack of choices. From the large national conferences to the small edgy unconferences and everything in between, you don’t have to try hard to find the right conference for you. Even the state conferences have been bringing it in a big […]

Love it or List it: Part II

Last week, I confessed that I devoted too much of my TV viewing time to HGTV. I also discussed how to tell if you should Love or List your career. Because when your job is no longer giving you what you need, you need to honestly assess your situation and figure out what is best […]

Love it or List it: Part 1

I watch an embarrassing amount of HGTV. I know all about shiplap, grading problems, cracked foundations, and demolition. In fact, I’ve watched enough to know that everything involved in buying, building, or even renovating a house is kind of intimidating. Home ownership is an expensive and serious commitment. If I’ve learned anything from shows like […]

Advice you won’t want to take

I’ve dedicated a good deal of space on this blog over the years to offering advice. Advice, after all, is kind of the bread and butter of blogging. Advice and navel gazing; the stuff that blogs are made of. If you’ve got the time, I’d even encourage you to dig through the archives, though I […]