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HREvolution: The Return of Gir

Long ago, in an twitter conversation that happened far away, something revolutionary was started. And no, it had nothing to do with George Lucas. But that doesn’t make it any less awesome. An Unconference epic, you could call it, that helped bring together and challenge the HR online community in fun, new ways. Now, as […]

HR Happy Hour #44 & #45

So it occurred to me that even though I mentioned HR Happy Hour episode #44 – Live from the #Monstersocial Red Carpet- I didn’t actually highlight it on it’s own. Bad Shauna, always getting distracted by shiny objects. Now, live on location shows are always a little tricky, a little unpredictable, and rife with technical […]

Thoughts on an HRevolution

So it’s 5 am, I find myself sitting in bed in a much too big suite at The Wit Hotel now that I’m by myself and I’m having problems falling back asleep. Not because I’m not tired, I am most certainly that. And not because I’m missing my BFF April, even though I already am. […]

The TRU Conferences are coming to the USA!

You’ve heard about it. You’ve seen the buzz on Twitter. You’ve desperately sought sponsorship and/or unwatched suitcases to hide in as part of an effort to make your way to London this past February. Uh, well, maybe not that last one, that was probably just me. Regardless, with all the attention over unconferences lately, I’m […]