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Bad Advice

Sometimes on the drive in to work I listen to a local radio station. Such an antiquated concept I know, what in this age of iPods, Pandora, and Satellite Radio but hey I only live 4 miles away and it’s nice to try something different. Funny how something that used to be a primary form […]

Sometimes, it really is me and not you

When I was unemployed and seemingly getting nowhere in my job search, one of the hardest realities I had to face was that sometimes, it really didn’t matter how qualified or perfect I felt I was for a job. The problem wasn’t me or my knowledge, skills, or education; the problem was that there were […]

If Hindsight was Foresight…

… I wouldn’t have stopped hyperventilating long enough to get anything done in 2010. Whew. 2010 is almost over and 2011 is peeking at us from around the curtain. What craziness will the new year bring? I’m not sure I’d want to know even if I could. You see, 2010 has been insane. Like, lock-it-up-in-a-padded-cell […]

Tales from unemployment

I found myself over the weekend, in between unpacking and attempting to get the overshare badge on Foursquare (Me? Overshare? Never!), reflecting on my stint being unemployed. As this had been the longest I had ever been unemployed, and hopefully it will never be that long again, a lot of craziness went down and I […]

HR is not a cult

Look, I get it. HR can seem quite mysterious. We have closed door meetings, acronyms, keep to ourselves, and the motivation behind a lot of what we do isn’t readily apparent. It’s the nature of the work. We can’t talk about what we do or we would violate confidentiality and when employees only see us […]