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HR Happy Hour #76

Last week on the HR Happy Hour we took on wellness, again. You see, our first wellness show had some “technical difficulties” and because of that our great guests didn’t get the show they deserved. So we had them back and boy are we happy we did! The show was lively with some great conversation […]

No smoking allowed

As of January 1st, the company went to a smoke free campus. To be honest, I was expecting more blow back on the decision than I ended up hearing. The company offered smoking cessation programs as well as discounts on medical insurance as incentives so maybe that helped. But to be honest, I would be […]

How many committees are there and why do I have to be on all of them?

I am on four committees and two sub-committees within those committees. Seriously. None of them take up that much time per se, but dude! Apparently, minion also means de facto committee volunteer. Wellness & Safety (Nannies), Engagement (Cheerleaders), Green Initiatives (Hippies), and United Way (Poor performers – according to Scott Adams in his book The […]